Reigning Masters Degrees

The Reigning Masters Degree was introduced by Provincial Grand Lodge in 2001 on the basis of Lodges placing a bid to host it and the successful Lodge being drawn by lot. Lodges who had previously been successful could not thereafter bid until all Lodges had been given an opportunity.

Date Host Lodge   Candidate Degree
6th April 2001  Lodge Zetland No 391 Mr Stanley Moore Initiation
5th April 2002 Lodge Callendar No 588 Mr Derek Muir Initiation
4th April 2003 Lodge St John Tulliallan No 598 Mr George Anderson Initiation
2nd April 2004 Lodge Polmont No 793 Mr John WH Curry Initiation
8th April 2005 Lodge Dolphin No 911 Mr Craig Smith Initiation
7th April 2006 Lodge St John Falkirk No 16 Mr Cameron J Conlin Initiation
30th March 2007 Lodge Ancient Stirling No 30 Mr Mark Johnstone Initiation
4th April 2008 Lodge St Servanus No 771 Mr Peter Boyle Initiation
3rd April 2009 Lodge Bannockburn Bruce and Thistle No 312 Mr Craig Pollock Initiation
16th April 2010 Lodge St John Slamannan No 484 Mr Scott Russell Initiation
22nd April 2011 Lodge St Andrew (Denny and Loanhead) No 176 Mr Thomas Noble Initiation
27th April 2012 Lodge Abercromby No 531 Mr Andrew J Coalter Initiation
26th April 2013 Lodge Ladywell No 1474 Mr Graham Shirlaw Initiation
25th April 2014 Lodge Carron No 139 Mr John Macannel Initiation
24th April 2015 Lodge Stirling Royal Arch No 76 Mr Paul Bainbridge Initiation
22nd April 2016 Lodge Zetland No 391 Mr Graham Wareing Initiation
28th April 2017 Lodge Camelon No 1456 Mr Richard James Brodie Initiation
27th April 2018 Lodge Loch Lomond No 1483 Mr Stuart Wilson Initiation