Grand Lodge of Scotland

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The following are extracts from the Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Scotland from February 2011 to January 2012 which may be of interest :

Grand Master Mason’s Haiti Earthquake Appeal – How was the money used? 

“The Committee was delighted to note that the project to expand and refurbish a Healthcare Clinic in Northern Haiti, using funds raised by Scottish Freemasonry, as a result of the Grand Master Mason’s appeal, following the devastating earthquake there in 2010, is now underway. The District Grand Lodge of the Bahamas has agreed to monitor the work and assist with the management of the funding arrangements, with a phasing agreement having been agreed for the release of staged payments based on an approved programme of works.”

Working Party set up to consider issues:

“The Committee was requested to consider the status of Brethren of Dormant Lodges who wished to continue to be active in the Craft but had not affiliated to another Lodge. The issue of Life Membership and non-attending Life Membership was also discussed as well as the possibility of allowing new Initiates to make staged payments of their initial fees. It was agreed that a Working Party, under the Chairmanship of Brother Alexander Galbraith and consisting of Brothers Gauld, Rutherford and Kinnaird would be formed to prepare a report and if necessary make recommendations to the Committee.

Decline in the number of Lodge Organists

“Another project related to the decline in the number of organists and pianists available within the Scottish Craft. Consequently music was noticeably lacking at many Masonic meetings. It was agreed that a CD of suitable music for Masonic ceremonies would be useful and Brother Allan J. Marshall (together with two volunteers) agreed to investigate and report back to the Committee.”