Travelling Gavel Update


At the Regular Meeting of Lodge Stirling Royal Arch No 76 on Monday 23rd April 2018 the Travelling Gavel again bounced back to Lodge Ancient Stirling No 30.

RWM Brother Thomas J Ballingham accompanied by 15 Brethren from Ancient Stirling witnessed a fine Mark Master Mason Degree before receiving the Gavel.



Pictured below is RWM  Mathew Gibb Stirling Royal Arch No 76. returning the Gavel to RWM Bro Thomas J Ballingham Lodge Ancient Stirling No 30

Further below is the Brethren in the deputation.

Therefore the Travelling Gavel  is now back at at Lodge Ancient Stirling No 30.


The Gavel is available for any Lodge in the Province to claim.


So the place now to go to is Lodge Ancient Stirling No 30
Click here for Location


Please let me know at


To all you guys with Mobile phones if you want to send a picture of the handover of the Gavel, or for that matter anything of interest, I can post it.
For the updated history of the gavel please click here.
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