PGL Office Bearers 2017 - 2018

As installed at the Annual General meeting held on Saturday 26th February 2017.

Brother Stuart Stirling Lodge Carron No 139 Senior P.G. Warden
Brother William Reid Lodge Clackmannan No 1303 Junior P.G. Warden
Brother Iain McMillan Lodge Abercromby No 531 P.G. Treasurer
Brother Robert F. Hunter Lodge Clackmannan No1303 P.G. Almoner
Brother William Stevenson Lodge Abercromby No 531 Senior P.G. Deacon
Brother John Gwynne Lodge Ancient Stirling No 30 Junior P.G. Deacon
Brother Bryan Harvey Lodge St Andrew, Denny and Loanhead No 176 P.G. Director of Ceremonies
Brother Thomas J. Campbell Lodge Bannockburn Bruce and Thistle No 312 P.G. Architect
Brother Leonard McComb Lodge Slamannan No 484 P.G. Jeweller
Brother Robert McAuley Lodge Bannockburn Bruce and Thistle No 312 P.G. Bible Bearer
Brother William Fleming Lodge Polmont No 793 P.G. Bard
Brother David Watson Lodge Slamannan No 484 P.G. Sword Bearer
Brother Ian M. Sharp Lodge Clackmannan No 1303 P.G. Director of Music
Brother Ronald Hay Lodge Ladywell No 1474 P.G. Organist
Brother Peter Neilson Lodge Zetland No 391 P.G. Marshal
Brother Duncan S. McKinnon Lodge Bannockburn Bruce and Thistle No 312 P.G. Standard Bearer
Brother William C Campbell Lodge Carron No 139 P.G. Inner Guard
Brother Kevin McLean Lodge St Andrew (Denny and Loanhead) No 176 President of  P.G. Stewards
Brother Douglas Barclay Lodge St John Falkirk No 16 P.G. Tyler