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Toast to the Daughter Lodges


Brother Brian Wright
Substitute Provincial Grand Master

Brian WrightRight Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, Most Worshipful Grand Master, Distinguished Brethren and Brethren all, it is my privilege and pleasure to propose the toast tot he Daughter Lodges, which, in  my opinion, is the most important toast of the evening. Without the Daughter Lodges, this toast would not be possible today. The Daughter Lodges are the foundation of this Province.

Brethren, each Lodge in this Province has their own unique way of conferring Degrees, with different rituals, and of course , with different Regalia. This is what I enjoy seeing when out visiting. Differences.

The Daughter Lodges in this Province have an exciting history, ranging from the oldest Lodge, Ancient Stirling No. 30, to the youngest Lodge, Lodge Loch Lomond No 1484.

This Province, founded on the 6th February 1745, had its first Provincial Grand Master, Brother John Callendar of Craigforth, Master of Lodge Ancient Stirling No. 30, and since then, has grown from strength to strength, culminating in a total of 23 Daughter Lodges.

Tribute must be paid to every Lodge, to its Office-bearers and to its members, for maintaining the genuine tenets and principles of Freemasonry, in particular, the Masters and the Wardens, but a vital part of any lodge are the offices of secretary, treasurer and almoner.

Having been, previously, secretary of my own Lodge for twenty years, and now as Lodge almoner, i fully understand and appreciate the commitment that these Brethren give to these important duties. Most of their work goes unnoticed and away from the Lodge.

Another vital cog in the Lodge is the input from the Past Masters of the Lodge. Their advice, help and support is to be encouraged. Brethren, Past Masters are not as grumpy as they may look sitting up there in the East of the Lodge, Look around the top table. Well probably not anyway.

In my term as one of two Substitute Provincial Grand Masters of this Province, I have had the honour and the privilege of heading deputations into our Daughter Lodges for the purposes of Lodge Annual Installations and also attending Annual Provincial Visitations. the welcome that the Provincial Grand Lodge receives on each occasion is very pleasing and greatly appreciated. The Degree work, on all occasion, has met with the Standard that is expected from the Daughter Lodges and the hospitality that the Daughter Lodge provide is of a superb quality.

Brethren not so long ago, I and the other Provincial Office-bearers, were known to be slim and trim, but have a look around Brethren, we are not so slim and trim as we used to be and this is partly due to that superb hospitality provided by you, the Daughter Lodges all year round.

Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, may I also pay tribute to the Lodges and Brethren who gave their support to the two groups that were set up , namely, the recruitment, retention and education group, chaired by Brother Alexander Thomson Substitute Provincial Grand Master and the new members group chaired by myself. The contribution and support by the Brethren of the Lodge has been very encouraging and gratifying and some Lodges did gain new members from these two groups. At this time I would thank Brother Andrew Goodwin, Past Master of Lodge Zetland No. 392, Brother James Kerr, Past Master of Lodge St John  Slamannan No 484 and Brother Tom Scobbie, Master Mason of Lodge Dolphin No, 911 and now Immediate Past Master of Lodge St. Clair Glasgow No. 362. Their input was instrumental in the success of the new young members group

Not forgetting the Daughter Lodges participation in the sporting events that take place annually, bowling, cycling, fishing, football and golf.

Over the years the Brethren, we have discussed in our Lodges the decline in attendances at Lodges, this particular matter is not unique to Freemasonry, but Brethren we now have a golden opportunity, a golden ticket if you like, to try and encourage and welcome back Brethren who may have become defaulting Members or lapsed members. The payment required to restore a Brother to Qualified Membership has been relaxed by Grand Lodge of Scotland, for a period of one year only, from the Annual Contribution for the current year and the two preceding years, to one years payment. As I said previously a golden opportunity for all our Lodges to actively encourage Brethren in arrears to return to their respective Lodges. this news has been welcomed by Lodges not only in the Province of Stirlingshire, but throughout our Sister Lodges in other Sister Provinces. Brethren a fantastic pro-active decision by the Grand Lodge of Scotland. It is now the Daughter Lodges in the Province of Stirlingshire chance to be reactive to this decision.

With this in view, Brethren, Freemasonry can go forward with confidence and that our future as Freemasons is bright.

Brethren, i would ask that you charge your glasses, be upstanding and drink a toast to the Daughter Lodges, coupled with the name of Brother David Brown, Right Worshipful Master of Lodge Stirling Royal Arch No. 76.



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