PGL Annual Visit to 780 Re-scheduled


Busy night at 531


Press Release from Maggies


176 Treat their Senior Members and Widows


Lecture at 139


Report on 2018 AGM


Presentation to Forth Valley Royal Hospital


Images of this Seasons Installations


Denny Masons Honoured


Honorary Rank Presented at 771


Diplomas at 911


Changes to Commissioned Office Bearers


January Lottery Winners


Links to Masonic Facebook Pages


598 Brother Receives Honorary Provincial Grand Rank


PGL Abseil


Presentations at Polmont


Presentation at 1483


Stirlingshire's Newest Honorary Members of Grand Lodge


531 Donation to Strathcarron


Honorary Members at 312


Quintuple Presentation at 588


October Lottery Winners


DSM at 598


Bowling Presentation at Dolphin


Lodge 16 to Hold Charity Quiz Night


Zetland Donate to Ashlee's Appeal.


3 Presentations at 1456


Golf Presentation


Presentation to FVH


Presentation to Strathcarron


Jubilee Certificates at Zetland


Honorary PG Rank for 1483 Brother


PGM Attends PGL Kilwinning


Thank you Letter from Maggies


Provincial Grand Lodge Bowling 2017


5 A-side Presentation


Hiram's Wheels present Cheque


Honorary Membership of 2006 EC


PGL Fishing 2017


PGM Attends Grand Ball


PGLS 5 A-side Football Report


1456 Donate to Ashlee's Appeal


Christison Bowling Trophy


Provincial Visit Lanarkshire Upper Ward


PGL Golf Report


April Lottery Winners


Auld Degree at Lodge Carron


Donation to Prostate Scotland


PGM Visits Lanarkshire Upper Ward


PGM visits Lanarkshire Middle Ward


Walter Hannah Bowling


Reigning Masters Degree 2017


PGL Visit Fife and Kinross


50 years a Member of 598


Jubilee Certificate at 484


Charity Walk and "Jock's Dram"


PGLS Launch Facebook Page


Presentations at 312


50th at Lodge Polmont 


Awards at 850


Double 50th at 69


Double 50th at 1303


Polmont Donate to St Margaret's


Awards at 312


1303 Donate to Local Nursery


PGL Divine Service


Ladywell donate to Prostate Fund


50 Year Diploma at 1456


PGM visits RAC 410


Special Meeting at 782


Report on 2017 AGM


PGL Sponsored Abseil 2017


PGL 5 A Side Football


Lodge Carron to Celebrate 250 Years


782 Celebrate 125 Years


1st Winners of the 275th Lottery


50 Years a Mason at 16


60 Year Diploma at Ancient 30


Games Night at 30


PGM and PGS receive Honorary Membership


50 Years a Member of 850


Hiram's Choice Cheque Presentation


50 Years a Member of 16


Distinguished Service for 911 Brother


Cheque Presentation for Prostate Cancer Fund


Bowling Presentation


275th Anniversary Jewel


Hirams Wheels Report


50 Years a Member of 176


Honorary Provincial Grand Rank for 1456 Brother


Two 50 year Diplomas at 139


Honorary Provincial Grand Rank for 588 Brother


Lodge 76 Honour John McKenzie


50 Years a Member of 391


Charity Cycle Presentation at 911


Cycle for Prostate Cancer


60 years a Mason in Alloa


50th at Ancient Stirling


16 Postpone Installation


Fishing Presentation


Golf Presentations


Sponsorship for Neuroblastoma


Golfers win in Perthshire


PGL Bowls 2016


76 donate to Prostate Scotland


Lodge Abercromby Golf Outing


1474 Presentation


PGL attend Kincardineshire Installation


Mark Wright Project  


Honorary Membership for PM of 911


PGM Visits Chingford


2016 Fishing Competition


PGM does ZIP Slide


Cyclists Pack some Bags in Aid of Prostate Cancer


Presentation to Cunningham House


David Bennett appointed Proxy District Grand Master


2016 Christison Bowling Trophy


Reigning Masters Degree Presentation


2016 PGL Golf


1456 Lay Wreath at new War Memorial


2016 Reigning Masters Degree


Provincial Visit 588


Dance in Aid of Prostate Cancer


3 Presentations at 793


Lodge Strathendrick Celebrate 125 Years


Hiram's Choice - Whisky sold in aid of Prostate Scotland


Lodge Dolphin to hold Special Degree in Aid of Mark Wright Project


Double Presentation at St Servanus


Memorial Service for PPGM Bro Alexander Whitehead


911 Venture into Fife


Provincial Grand Secretary visits France


50 years a Member of 1303


PGL Divine Service


Pictures from the 2016 AGM


50 Years Presentation at Clackmannan


60 Years Presentation at Loch Lomond


Update on 2016 Reigning Masters Degree


Report on 76 Curry Night


PGM Receives Honorary Membership


2016 Sponsored Cycle in Aid of Prostate Cancer


Double Presentation at 1303


60 years a Member of 588


3 Diplomas at Zetland


911 Support Local Football Club


Last Meeting as RWM for CTW


50 Years at 1483


2 New Honorary Members at 139


 2 Presentations at Lodge Ancient Stirling


76 Curry Night for Prostate Cancer


Grand Honours for 1303 PM


Thank you from Autism Scotland


139 Honours PGM and PPGM


50 Years at 176


Bowling Presentation


Re-introduction of PGL Calendar


Past Provincial Grand Master Brother Alexander Whitehead

911 attend Cenotaph


Provincial Visit Glasgow


176 Divine Service


Another Grand Lodge Honour for the Province


Diplomas Presented at 588


50 Years a Mason at 139


Something Different at 76


Presentation to Golf Charities


50 Years a Mason


Honorary Membership for Local Minister


50th Diplomas at 484


Installation Pictures now Available


176 Annual Divine Service 2015


Denny Celebrate 225 Years.


PGM Visits Kilwinning


Annual PGL Bowling Competition


Two Bridges Six Provinces Charity Cycle Run


PGL mentioned in Prostate Scotland Newsletter


Provincial visit the Province of Roxburgh, Peebles and Selkirk Shires


PGM visits Perthshire West


Lodge Carron 139 Revise their Installation Date


PGM Installation


Fishing Presentation


Honorary Members Degree at Bannockburn


Cub Reporter Retires


Charity Fishing Competition


Reigning Masters' Degree presentation


PGM Presentation


531 Golf Day


Quintinshill Remembered


Robert Christison Bowling Competition


2015 Golf


PGM Receives Honorary Membership at 76


John Jenkinson Retires


2015 Reigning Masters Degree


4 Brethren get Diplomas at Zetland


Diploma Presentation at 588


50 years a Mason in Alloa


Presentations at 1303


John Jenkinson Presentation


Special Evening for PGM


Reward For Far Travelled Mason


Surprises at 1419 Installation


Two Diplomas at 139


PGM and Past PGM's get Honorary Membership at 1456


Annual Divine Service 2015


PGM Receives Honorary Membership


Distinguished Service Membership silences Archie!


2 Fifty Year Members at 782


50 Years Member at 484


125 years at 771


Provincial Grand Honours for 598 Member


Stirlingshire Brother Gets Grand Rank


Tickets now available for June Installation


Grand Lodge Announce Next RWPGM


RWPGM gets Honorary Membership


Charity within the Province


176 Host St Andrews Degree


50 Years a Member of Lodge Polmont


Stirlingshire Brother gets BEM


Colin T Back in Chair at Alva


50 Years a Member at 780


50 Year Diplomas at 30


50 Year Diploma at 484


Cyclist Charity Degree


Presentations at Lodge Carron


Update on 1456 Sponsored Walk


176 Annual Divine Service


Presentations at 588


Special Cyclists Degree in aid of Prostate Scotland


Presentation by 484


Well done thy Good and Faithful Cyclists


Charity Cycle Run Prize Bingo in aid of Prostate Scotland


Turf Cutting Ceremony at California Primary School


Whisky Tasting at Zetland


Donation to Allan Church


Stirlingshire's Latest Honorary Office Bearer


50 years at 484


60 years a Mason


1456 Walk in aid of Neuroblastoma Society


771 Donate to Spina Bifida


50 years a Mason at Ancient 30


Update on Fishing Competition Donation


Provincials Latest Honorary Member


Donation from Lodge 176 Cork Degree


Stirlingshire Charity Cycle Run


Special Meeting at Lodge Abercromby


1456 Walk in aid of Neuroblastoma Society


Special meeting at Bannockburn Update


1456 win Fishing Competition


Presentation to Allan Church


Battle of Bannockburn Celebration


Events over the Closed Season


A win for 1483 at the Bowls


PGM Honoured at Lodge Polmont


50th Diploma for Polmont Brother


Pipers Degree in 176


Lodge Abercromby link to Bannockburn Memorial


DSM for Camelon Brother


50 Years for 139 RWM


PGM Heads Deputation to Lanarkshire Middle Ward


598 Special Meeting


Honorary Grand Rank and 50 year Diploma at 1456


65 Years in Freemasonry for Bro Whitehead


Successful Substitute Masters Degree at 391


 Zetland Donate to Guides


Honorary Grand Rank at 780


60 Years for Bro Don


176 Donate to Prostate Cancer UK


Fantastic Donation to Strathcarron


Grand Honours for 2 Stirlingshire Brethren


Stirlingshire's Charitable Donations 2013


Stirlingshire's Latest Honorary Member


Distinguished Service Diploma at 598


312 Award Distinguished Service Diploma


John Jenkinson presented with Diploma


60 Year Diploma at 1483


Double Celebration at 911


Divine Service at Denny


Surprises at St Servanus


3 Fifty Year Diploma's at 588


50 Year Diploma Presented at 1419


Diploma of Distinguished Service at Dolphin


76 Donate to Rock Talk


60 Years a Mason


Latest PGL Honorary Office Bearer


Guest Organist at 176 Divine Service


60 years at Loch Lomond


Honorary Memberships at 1419


Double Celebration at 484


782 Donate to Hospital


391 Venture South


Provincial Season Starts with a Bang at Lodge Callendar


Denny Clean up


Treasurer of 176 takes up challenge


PGM Visits Durham


70 Years a Mason


Lodge Abercromby Donate to Help for Heroes


Long Service Diplomas for Lodge Abercromby Brethren


50 year Diploma for Zetland Pair


50th Presentation in Ancient Stirling


New Honorary Members at 484


50th Presentation in 588


598 re-create First Meeting


60 years at Loch Lomond


Newest PPGSW


Provincial Grand Lodge  Honours for St Servanus PM


Presentations at Lodge Polmont


50 Year Diploma for Zetland Brother


New Honorary Members for 69


176's latest 50 year Members


Charity at 598


50 years for Carron Brother


50 years for Dolphin Brother


Lodge Polmont donate to Leuchie House


60 year Diploma for Craiginnan Brother


Lodge lays Wreath on Remembrance Day


Jubilee Diploma for Camelon Member


Stirlingshire's Charitable Donations 2011


New Honorary Members at 391


69 Brother gets Jubilee Certificate


588 Brother gets Jubilee Certificate


Lodge Dolphin visit South Shields


Provincial Grand Lodge  Honours for Killearn PM


60 years of 1474


588 Brother gets Distinguished Service Membership


Ex Forces Degree at 312


Grand Lodge of Scotland extracts


New Commissioned Office Bearers for PGL.


50 Years a Brother


Presentations at Lodge Polmont No. 793


Distinguished Service Membership for 588 Brethren


David Laing gets Honorary Membership of 16


176 Donate to Prostate Cancer


Honours for 176 Brethren


Past PGM's Install at Killearn


Lodge 16 Honour PGM's


Lodge 16 Brother receives 50 year Diploma


Member of Lodge Dolphin receives Honorary Grand Rank


PGM visit Renfrewshire West


Honorary Membership for 30 Brother


Jubilee Certificate for 780 Brother


Honorary Membership for 780 Brother


Stirlingshire's Latest Honorary Grand Rank


A Small Token of Appreciation

(Ault Wharrie and Ardnablane)


391 Raise Cash for Cancer


PGM receives Honorary Membership


PGM receives Honorary Membership


Stirlingshire Member gets Grand Honours


Two New Honorary Members of Provincial


PGM gets Honorary Membership


2 Stirlingshire Members Get Grand Honours


60 Year Diploma for Colin T Wyse