Waving Saltire Square and Compasses

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire

Square and Compasses Waving Saltire

2008 Provincial Grand Lodge Golf Competition

Before viewing the photos here is the script.

The photos on the web are very low quality, so as not to take up too much space.

If any-one wants a print (6" x 4") of any particular photo or an electronic copy please e-mail by clicking here.


Please include your name and address if you want them posted, just so as I know where to send them.

Please quote the number below the photo and the number of prints required.

Now here is the catch. We don't want any cash for the photos, however a small donation, of say minimum of £1.00 for each photo, I am sure would be appreciated by the charity. I will tell you the address to send the donations to when you ask for the photos..

The photos will not be sent until the middle of June in order that I can get a batch together, hopefully, for printing all at once.

My thanks go to Brother Archie Mackay for the use of his camera on the day.

Many thanks.

Click below to view and enjoy.

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