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176 Gardeners

I would just like to take this opportunity to extend a personal thank you to all the brethren who turned up at the Lodge on Sunday 21st July to lend a hand cleaning up the grass, trees, brambles, rubbish to the east and rear of the Lodge premises.

I don't like singling out individuals however there are four people I think deserve a mention. Special thanks must be made to the RWM's friend who is not even in the craft let alone been in Denny before. He volunteered his services free of charge and travelled over with Denis Clair from Fife and laboured along with the rest of us.

Also to our RWM who lets not forget underwent a knee operation earlier in the year who put in a sterling shift on the strimmer. I would also like to thank the Bro. Almoner who laboured in the kitchen to provide us all with a hearty bowl of soup and tea. Bro. Provincial Grand Secretary who turned up to lend a hand. A real team effort by all with a great result, I am sure Bro Martin (Woody) McMenemy will be happy to distribute some of the pictures he took of the before, during and after clear up The hardest part is done. The key now is to make sure that we make provisions to keep on top of it and maintain it.

Well done brethren all.

WSW 176

I am sure that there are other Lodge and human interest stories out there that would refresh this site.



176 Gardeners

176 Gardeners

176 Gardeners


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