Waving Saltire Square and Compasses

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire

Square and Compasses Waving Saltire

Day 1

Hirams Wheels @ 1483

Hirams Wheels @ 780/1419

 RWPGM sees the team off at Lodge Loch Lomond
No 1483.

The team at Lodge Strathendrick No 780 and Lodge
Buchanan Killearn No 1419.

Hirams Wheels @ 312/76

Hirams Wheels @ 30

Yes we have made it to Lodge Bannockburn Bruce and
Thistle No 312!!!!

The team reaches Lodge Ancient Stirling No 30.

Hirams Wheels @ 30

Bro Alex Dalgettie receives a contribution from Lodge Ancient Stirling No 30.

Hirams Wheels the Support Team

Hirams Wheels the Support Team

The support team, Bro Ross Hardie 911, Mrs Cheryl Wilson, Bro David Farquhar 793,
Bro Stewart Jeffray 911 and Bro Stewart A Jeffray 911

Hirams Wheels @ 531

Hirams Wheels @ 1474

Onwards to Lodge Abercromby.

RWM Bro Kenneth Deacon, Lodge Ladtwell No 1474
hands over the loot.

Hirams Wheels @ 69

Hirams Wheels @ 771

The Lodge of Alloa No 69 make the team most

The Secretary of Lodge St Servanus No 771 greets
 Bro Dalgettie

Hirams Wheels @ 771

Hirams Wheels @771

The team coming out of Alva

Hirams Wheels @ 782

Hirams Wheels @ 850

On your marks at Lodge Ben Cluech No 782.

End of day 1 at Lodge Craiginnan Dollar No 850.

Day 2

Hirams Wheels @ 1303


Hirams Wheels @ 1303

The Rain came down at Lodge Clackmannan
No 1303

Lodge Clackmannan No 1303 hand over a
collection tin

Hirams Wheels @ 598

Drenched but happy at Lodge St John Tulliallan No 598

Hirams Wheels @ 391

Hirams Wheels @ 391

Bro Nicol Scobbie makes a contribution at Lodge
Zetland No 391.

Wet but still smiling at Lodge Zetland.

Hirams Wheels @ 793

Hirams Wheels @ 588

RWM Bro John Curry donates a collection tin at
Lodge Polmont No 793

The Secretary of Lodge Callendar No 588 meets
Bro Dalgettie

Hirams Wheels @ 16

Hirams Wheels @ 139

Down the road at Lodge St John Falkirk No 16,
Lodge Slamannan No 484 and
Lodge Camelon No 1456

Bro Dalgettie receives a donation from Lodge
Carron No 139.

Hirams Wheels @ 911

Hirams Wheels @ 176

Nearly there at Lodge Dolphin No 911.

RWM Bro Kevin McLean pipes the team into
Lodge St Andrew (Denny and Loanhead) No 176

 Hirams Wheels @ 176

End of Day 2 and time to relax


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