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Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Brother Alistair T. Marshall Retires.

ATMDue to the restrictions in place, regarding the COVID19 pandemic at the time, a subdued retiral presentation was made to Brother Alistair T. Marshall, Immediate Past Provincial Grand Master, Past Master of Lodge Zetland No. 391 and Past Master. of Lodge Pioneer No 1305, in recognition of his successful term as Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Stirlingshire from 2015 to 2020.

During his commission as Provincial Grand Master Brother Alistair served the Province in an excellent manner, attended the Annual Visitation of nearly every Lodge in the Province, either attended or arranged for Provincial Grand Lodge to be in attendance at all Lodge Installations, presided over the Provincial Grand Lodge AGM and three Regular Communications per year each year. He has also attended the Communications and AGM of Grand Lodge as well as numerous other meetings held within Grand Lodge, together with Regular Communications of the Sister Provinces on behalf of the Province.

He also oversaw several Lodge Anniversaries within the Province culminating in the 275th Anniversary of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire which was held in Lodge Zetland No. 391, and afterwards a Rededication Dinner in the Grangemouth Town Hall on Saturday 15th February 2020.

Brother Alistair has over the five years attended the various charity fund-raising events organised by the Province such as dances, Charity Golf, Charity Bowls, Charity Fishing, Charity 5-Aside Charity Cycling, etc. and presented significant sums of money from those events and others to various Charities.

He was also honoured by receiving Honorary Membership of a number of Lodges within the Province during his term. All of this was on top of his commitments to his own Mother Lodge, Lodge Zetland, and to the various unofficial visits he made to Lodges in a private capacity outwith his role as Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master.

Unfortunately soon after the 275th Anniversary and due to the aforesaid pandemic all Masonic activity and meetings were cancelled which brought Brother Marshalls term of Office to a rather unusual and abrupt end.

However this is not the end, as Brother Alistair is now the Grand Representative for the Grand Lodge of Indiana near the Grand Lodge of Scotland and we wish him well with that.

On behalf of the Lodges in the Province Brother Marshall and his wife Jen received gifts and were both thanked for their hard work and dedication during the past 5 years.

Congratulations on a successful term as Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Alistair.


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